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When Captured by Crissi came to PNB Web Design she had decided that the template she’d been using for her website simply wasn’t cutting it any more. She wanted a site that would stand proud, rather than getting lost in the crowd. Could we help? Delighted to! Bespoke is our middle name.

Crissi’s energy and effervescent nature ran through all of her work, yet wasn’t being promoted with the same passion she brings to her work on her site. Her website was ‘doing a job of being a website,’ but it wasn’t selling Crissi’s magical touch. Accordingly, PNB Web Design set about creating something that was simple, elegant, composed, but harmonious to the themes of nature and family so important to Crissi herself.

Crissi’s site seeks to combine her intimate, yet creative style with her vision and understanding of how to capture those very special moments. It’s a showcase for her skills and the relationship she evidently forms with her couples.

Crissi was keen to remain with Square Space as she was comfortable with their interface and functionalities.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with, and getting to know, Crissi. Given the quality of images we have seen we know there are many lucky couples out there who are about to engage her services!

Captured by crissi
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